The Status Quo is the Same as Moving Backwards

Read Mike's most letter to the editor of TAP Westfield on what is important to him about Westfield and why he is running.

Fourteen years ago, my wife and I looked for a place to call home. We wanted what any parent would — for our two boys to attend top-notch schools and for all of us to become part of the community.

We wanted a place steeped in tradition and with high standards, where we could make friends and have neighbors who aligned with these values. We found it in Westfield.

And like so many of you, I long for the days of a bustling downtown, where the elected officials listened to the concerns of residents, and acted swiftly to address them.

I'm running to be your councilman because at some point, the status quo is the same as moving backwards. I will not let that happen any longer.

I built a career in the healthcare industry where urgency to innovate is a constant. I managed large budgets to protect resources. And I directed improvement campaigns to maximize outcomes.

Our community is a dynamic work in progress. Respect for tradition needs to be balanced with an honest look at where we currently stand in Westfield.

I love this town and my neighbors. And like you, I’ve got skin in the game. The most rewarding aspect of my work is bringing people together to forge success. And I’ll do this for you in Westfield.

I’m ready to step up and be the Councilman Ward 2 needs right now. On Nov. 7, vote for me, Mike Dardia.


September 17, 2017

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